Our featured artists either volunteer or are chosen for their talent, discipline and dedication to the visual arts. Having so many outstanding individual artists, we will work to keep our artists and their creations rotating through this section of the site.

Meet our Featured artists:

Jen V

Hannah S.


Featured Artists

Jen V.

Jen has been involved in the Visual Art program at EGR for four years.

Hannah S.

Hannah has shown incredible dedication and work ethic each semester for the past four years.

Information about our current exhibitions here at the high school, as well as information about our work that is displayed around the Grand Rapids area.

Information about the Visual Arts and technology teachers at EGRHS.

Information about our current featured artist from our art and technology classes. Check often for new featured artists and examples of their work.

Detailed contact information for the teachers in the EGR Visual Arts & Tehnology department.

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